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Policy and Advocacy Priorities

Policy and Advocacy Priorities

PIA National staff has reviewed past policy positions and current congressional priorities and consulted with PIA members across the country to develop its top six 2017 Policy and Advocacy Priorities. While these are our top priorities, PIA National will always be working to promote the interests and perspective of the independent agent.

  • Flood Insurance: PIA National supports a long-term reauthorization of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) that also promotes the growth of the private flood insurance market.
  • Role & Value of Agents in Healthcare Reform: PIA National supports the critical role that independent agents play in the sale and servicing of health insurance.
  • Promotion of Small Businesses & Tax Reform: PIA National supports a clear and simple tax code and reducing individual and corporate income tax rates for small businesses. PIA National opposes tax provisions and regulations that impede small business growth.
  • Protection of State Insurance Regulation: PIA National supports a modern, state-based insurance system and opposes any federal regulation or international standards that would destabilize or replace state-based regulation.
  • Cybersecurity: PIA National supports protection of sensitive consumer data using a harm trigger and other methods that are flexible, risk-based, and practical for small businesses.
  • Crop Insurance: PIA National supports the vital role that independent agents play in the delivery of crop insurance.


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