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Pennsylvania Supreme Court: Policyholders Entitled to Coverage Despite Insurers' Refusal to Settle Pennsylvania policyholders are entitled to coverage if they settle a case without their insurer's consent when the insurer is providing defense under a reservation of rights, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled... Full Story
El Niño Intensifying, Could Rival Strongest in Recorded History Weather forecasters say that the present El Niño event could become the most powerful on record, as it has intensified since the spring... Full Story
Opposition Is Building to the Onerous "Cadillac Tax" Set to take effect in 2018, opposition is already building to the 40% excise tax on so-called "overly generous" health insurance plans, known as the "Cadillac Tax," as part of the Affordable Care Act... Full Story
Mergers of Large Healthcare Providers Could Draw Federal Scrutiny
Hackers Can Hijack Vehicles Remotely, Recall Ordered
Agent to Agent: Automated Marketing With a Little Pepper
Berkley: "Cursed" With Being a Domestic Insurer
It's a Bird, It's a's An Insurance Adjuster?
Some Insurers Consider 'Data-for-Doughnuts'
Build Your Business With Promotional Calendars
Greater Transparency Needed From Fed on Insurance Regulation
Industry Pushes Back Against IMF Call for National Regulator